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Shields Marketing is a family-owned business based in California, We are a unique team of seasoned full-service professionals... Business Consultants, Advertising, and Marketing professionals with a shared commitment to our client’s success.  We create compelling strategic plans and marketing plans inspired by the power of innovative, result-driven ideas.

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Our greatest asset is our innate ability to create marketing and advertising ideas...

Ideas based on rigorous analytic processes and human insight...Ideas that act as a catalyst for building businesses…Big ideas that travel across borders and disciplines...Ideas that create tangible, measurable, and positive changes for our clients.

Big ideas create equity and secure not only the current advertising and marketing investment but are designed with long-term evolving campaigns that grow and strengthen the brand.

We believe in the power of great design. Fine art hangs in museums, but a great advertising design sells a product or service, relays a positive message, and builds a strong image. Most, importantly gets bottom-line results.


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Shields Marketing begins every relationship by taking a good hard look at our clients, and how they currently market or communicate to their marketplace. We examine current practices, budgets, marketing investments, presentation, and overall effectiveness. Then we create and produce an effective strategic plan with a comprehensive marketing plan, which incorporates the optimal strategies for achieving sales and growth objectives.

A plan is the start to success and should be designed with a dynamic architecture. Outlining and executing planned measurable to obtain data that graphs success is key to the growth of revenues. Creating multiple opportunities for revenue streams within your model not only provides income and job opportunities but it provides futures for you and your staff. Let's not just plan for today or tomorrow but let's plan for 2 years, 5 years, and 10 years down the road to ensure a sustainable business.


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A baby Swan looking over a cell phone with a reflection of a black swan with red beak


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Websites come in all shapes and sizes based on the unique and individual needs of the client.  Over the years, Shields Marketing has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of small and large businesses across the US. Web development and design at Shields is thoughtful, strategic and includes: use of current web technology, SEO, E-Commerce web tools, powerful branding, market messaging, beautiful graphics, easy-to-use, intuitive navigation, and meticulous copy to ensure your website has everything it needs for the success of your business. Then wIth leveraging the power of social media and digital ads, we put your business in high gear to succeed!


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The Future Is Clear

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