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"Shields Marketing has consistently displayed an amazing creativity and vision, and a commitment to “making things happen.” Equally as important, has been their ability (or gift) to present their ideas and plans in such a passionate manner that others can also see their vision, and as such are compelled to support and assist. This is terribly critical in any endeavor where approvals are needed, or the help of others is required. " 

Sharon L. Criesi

"The is Sheer Genius and I mean that  whole-heartedly.  I have seen many websites but none come close to what you created.  It is absolutely stunning!"

Elinor Stutz - CEO of Smooth Sale, an Inspirational Speaker, Author and Trainer known worldwide.

"I worked with the Shields team last year to help design the image of a chef putting ‘Just a Pinch’ more into a pot of vegetables.  We used this design for a number of electronic and print campaigns to finish fundraising for our new building, and (drum roll…) it worked!  We finished raising the money for our new building in February of this year! Thank you!"

Karl Robillard, (St. Anthony's, San Francisco)
Communications and Outreach Senior Manager


"Becky is the type of supervisor every employer should aspire to be, and every employee would hope to find. She leads by example, giving everyone the same respect she is given –sometimes more- and never expects more of her staff than she is willing to do herself. I believe a good boss is a leader, resourceful, creative, and has a great sense of humor. Not only does Becky embody the qualities, she brings out the best in her staff.

Becky has created a pleasant and productive work environment. She is always open to suggestions and ideas from all levels of staff and she treats all employees equally and with respect, regardless of job titles. She gives every person, no matter what the job, her complete attention and makes everyone feel that their contribution is valuable. Becky has a great ability to laugh at herself, but it is the passion that she is able to convey to employees and clients that is truly inspiring.

Aside from giving her employees opportunities to develop professionally, she serves as a model. Becky maintains what seems to be an impossible schedule, yet she can turn on dime and address whatever issue arises in order to help others maintain momentum and productivity. "

Michelle Gonzalez

 "I have worked with Becky and her marketing company professionally for the last three years. Becky was hired by Fig Garden Village Shopping Center and the Merchant Marketing Committee to design, coordinate and implement the marketing and advertising plan for the center. I was the President of this merchant committee. The committee was directly charged with researching, evaluating and hiring a marketing company for the shopping center.

Having worked extensively with Becky for that year I found her to possess many great attributes. First, she is a tireless worker who attends to every conceivable detail. Second, she is excellent in terms of developing pertinent strategies from a marketing standpoint. Third, she has excellent people skills. She was capable of effectively coordinating 50-60 diverse merchants (both independent business owners as well as corporate entities) and developing a plan embraced by all. She developed what I considered to be a brilliant cooperative marketing and advertising plan for the shopping center. Most impressively, she successfully took over a merchant situation which had previously been contentious and fractured. Her leadership ability got everyone on board…no easy task. Having been a merchant in this center for the last fifteen years I can speak with authority on how difficult a situation Becky stepped into. She did a superior job.

Subsequent to her year with Fig Garden Village I hired Becky to be the marketing company for my business… The Elbow Room Bar and Grill. We are a $5 million per year restaurant employing 80 staff. We have been in business since 1955. I have owned the Elbow Room for the past 18 years. Becky has handled capably all aspects of our marketing, re-branding and advertising/media buys. She also developed all strategies, menu re-design, website creation, social media and logo re-design. Becky created and supervised all of our special events at the restaurant as well.

I can’t think of a more capable marketing person. Furthermore, she was really effective working with not only our staff but other professionals who were necessary to our efforts. I can recommend Becky at the highest level. She’s smart, experienced, effective and a delight to work with."

Mike Shirinian-Owner
The Elbow Room Bar and Grill
Fig Garden Village, Fresno, California

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Mark Victor Hanson, Best selling author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

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Olivia Bennett, Artist
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Ann McIndoo. Founder of “Author’s Boot Camp”


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