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Shields Marketing is a family-owned business with a unique team of seasoned advertising and marketing professionals with a shared commitment to our client’s success.  We create compelling strategic marketing plans inspired by the power of innovative, result-driven ideas.

Shields Marketing believes in bringing great ideas to life and launching them with the utmost precision and accuracy.
We work tirelessly to build fresh, innovative ideas while continuing to evolve our strategic planning services. In truth, this is more than just our job… we live it, we breathe it, we love it!

A blue Shields S part of Shields Marketing Logo

What Our Clients Are Saying...

The Principals

Picture of Patrick Fraser



With 22 Years of experience in the industry, Patrick has acquired many hats. He specializes in Cannabis Businesses and restoring businesses in distress and launching startups.  

Patrick has been working in the  Marketing and Advertising business alongside his Mom since he could Speak!  He started as a child talent in commercials. Over the years he has held every position in the field from sales, media buying, advertising campaigns, Events, and, S.W.O.T. analysis', to Client account management and Social Media Company Owner in San Francisco, CA.

He is an Owner at Shields Marketing and has carved out his own niche in a family-owned company. Patrick is also an owner of multiple companies ranging from online drop ship stores to cultivation facilities in the cannabis sector.

Patrick has a passion and excitement for what he does, he is a problem solver, a solution finder. Patrick does not know a stranger, He is loyal and honest to a fault. Because of his commitment to others’ success Patrick and his clients’ relationships do more than business they become real friends!


Picture of Becky Shields



Becky's breadth of experience reaches nearly 38 years providing intelligent and creative solutions to any business. By combining her deep industry familiarity with her broad range of experience in building and designing integrated business operations, branding, and marketing strategies, she creates dynamic strategic plans and branding that deliver successful results.  

Becky founded TMD Associates in 2005 and changed the name to Shields Marketing when her Husband and Son joined forces with her in 2012.

She is a leader and the foundation in all of the company's success. Becky thoroughly enjoys everything about the business, marketing, branding, strategic planning, product development, and packaging, and all aspects of creating the tools for businesses to thrive!

Becky has never worked for her clients she has always worked peer to peer with them partnering for mutual business success!

Picture of Steve Shields



Steve has a professional background in Sales and Marketing with more than 37 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

He is a Savvy prospector and skilled negotiator who drives revenue growth for our clients. Steve designs and executes strategic account modules to facilitate our clients’ success in this competitive marketplace.

Steve is one of the Owners of Shields Marketing and has blazed the trail that this company has followed. He refracts passion into projects and ensures all deliverables are completed for our clients and our company.

Steve's extensive sales and marketing consulting has helped our clients to achieve their lofty goals in market share and revenue growth.

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